Marc's musical career began in his mid teens with the band "Defacato". This was a three piece noise based band, who gigged occasionally around London. Marc left to begin work on his own solo project "Ophedia" a few recordings of which where passed on to Gary, leading to the pair meeting.

Apart from the recordings with Sleeping Pictures, Marc now records under the name "These Papercuts" and has also been involved in a number of other projects including "Lark Blames" with Lloyd of Naevus.


He also works extensively as a photographer and has had his work displayed in many exhibitions and photo anthologies. Recently he has completely failed to learn Japanese.

Gary started playing music in the early eighties, firstly with plodding prog-rock band "Magnitogorsk" then moving through uber-goth "Shadow of Fear before crumbling into the void and joining psychedelic space outfit "Vulcan Death Grip".

At the start of the nineties, Gary began working under the name "Static", leading to the releases "What's Your Social Disease?", "Speak No Evil" and "Four Cymbals". A journey to Australia saw Gary playing with Beastianity and on his return to the UK he soon met Marc and Sleeping Pictures where formed.

Best Indie rock albums of all time

Every time we hear it we feel young, no matter how old we are. Indie rock music has attracted millions of fans around the world though its vitality. Though everyone has its own top, certain Indie rock albums remain the best of all time due to their high long-lasting popularity.

Discover the best Indie rock albums

Recorded in New York and California back in 1989, "Slanted and Enchanted" from Pavement is the most loved Indie rock album ever. When you need more energy, listen to the sound tracks included in it. They will definitely make you feel the vibe you were looking for. Summer babe is the perfect song to listen when you spend the evening with your girlfriend or with beautiful escorts like those from https://www.eros.com/. The music is appealing, just like the girls from EROS who sit next to you. So, enjoy your company while discovering new sounds and senses.

Indie rock music is not only about energy but also about intense meditation. The second album of all times is believed to be Doolittle from Pixies, a mixture of values inconsistencies lived by each one of us. Their music is remixed in clubs attended by you and your amazing escorts, where Monkey Gone to Heaven makes everyone feel the beat. The album has known a worldwide success when it was launched and continues to meet the high standards of modern world of music. You should definitely include their songs in your playlist if you want to impress the stunning escorts who accompany you.

The greatest Indie rock hits of all time

The most influential album of all time is “Daydream Nation” launched by the New York band Sonic Youth. All the songs included in it were successful first in this city and later all over the globe. Spend your vacation with a New York escort who could help you discover the greatest Indie-rock hits. This is the city where this genre started and expanded so if you want to know the roots of this music, come to visit it.

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Arcade Fire wrote the Indie rock history with the album “Funeral”, awarded with a Grammy in 2005. Rebellion (Lies), one of the songs included in it has known a huge success. Your escorts will show you some other remarkable sound tracks from this album that will make you love the style even more. These charming girls that look fantastic prefer expensive clubs with great modern rock music, like the one belonging to Arcade Fire. This band manages to express a profound vision of life through their songs. Wilco surprised everyone with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, another great album. A New York escort will help you explore more of Indie rock music.

Listen to the best Indie rock albums of all time and create your own chart top. It is a pleasure to hear modern rock music but what’s even more interesting is the philosophy behind the songs. With every lyric you build up the puzzle inside that song, and then it’s up to you to choose its meaning.