Top Artists tagged as ‘Indie Rock'

This genre is one of the most difficult groups of music to define although it can loosely be defined as songs that are punk style or melodic based tracks. It is argued that this tunes originated from the United Kingdom in the early 80s as an ideal alternative to the typical music during that era. Today, it is clear that the rock compositions were mainly developed from this style which has become more expansive than most typical creations around the world. There are many musicians both new and established artists who have achieved a lot in the industry with some winning many awards.


Top 3 ‘indie rock’ bands of all time

Pavement is regarded as the most unspeakably indie rock group of all time, and it is argued that many groups that came after them or from 1992 were copying their style on some level. The team was made of Stephen Malkmus, Mark Ibold, and Steve West who were able to record nine EPs and five full-length albums in their career. Radiohead is another group that came to be in the 1990s and most of their works are still enjoyed up to date. They have been evolving with time, and just like aged wine, their recordings and performance have become better and better. Last but not least there is Spoon band which managed to remain relevant from the 90s to the 21st century. The group is mainly from Texas and can simply be recognized as awesome.

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Top ‘indie rock’ albums that every fan should have

Many albums have been released by various artists, and therefore our preferences might vary, but there are some popular albums that most fans prefer. Some of the greatest of all time albums include ‘Daydream nation’ by Sonic Youth, ‘The Queen is Dead’ by The Smiths, and ‘Funeral’ by Arcade Fire. These productions are considered to be great because they were well received by the people and they had only few critics.

This genre of music is very wide and has a lot of great artists and albums, and it would, therefore, be difficult to include all of them.